Wiz Algorithm®


We use the Wiz Algorithm® to link businesses’ advertising outreach with general omni-channel strategies, generating certainty and measurable growth results. This methodology is cyclical and sustainable, since the intelligence collected creates feedback for the algorithm itself—honing the Wizbit’s selection process to be more efficient with every cycle.


How it works


Momento 1 — Wiz intel®

The process initiates with collecting information in the digital environment, extensively researching what audiences say, need and want.


Moment 2 — Wiz expertise®

We identify salient consumers—our Wizbits™—with whom we can set a cookie that lets us gather and track relevant data.

Our team then analyzes that information to find ways to understand and empathize with the needs of that audience, enabling us to recognize potential consumers based on similar patterns of behavior.

Understanding our audiences’ emotions allows us to examine and report on topics including: 

·   Brand Health Analysis 

·   Market Bench Marking 

·   Customer Care Analysis 

·   Segment Listening


Moment 3 — Wiz efficiency®

Our audiences are replicated directly from the Wizbit®, our basic unit of efficiency, resulting in the highest levels of effectiveness and engagement with brands’ messages. The Wizbit® delivers the information needed to anticipate the needs of those audiences in the micro-moments before they appear in audiences’ lives.


Moment 4 — Wiz anticipation®

These micro-moments of anticipation create a window of opportunity to deliver a relevant message to our audiences in the instant prior to the appearance of a need, significantly raising the message’s level of affinity and audiences’ susceptibility to our content.


Moment 5 — Wiz engagement®

Once the Wizbit® has been identified, along with the perfect mix of timing, and content to address it, we´re ready to move onto the media purchasing phase, applying our Agnostic Philosophy as a key of an omni-channel strategy. The results are reported in real time through dashboards and custom-designed metrics that accommodate the needs and business objectives of our clients.