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Accelerate businesses’ evolution by datifying their processes and operations, generating certainty in a highly competitive, constantly moving world.





We maximize our clients' growth through an understanding of Effective Audiences (Wizbits™), which we translate into dynamic, actionable intelligence at different levels of operation.




The Wizbit™ is the basic unit of efficiency that supplies the information needed to identify and multiply audiences, generating levels of engagement of up to 80%.



Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Our team of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) experts performs personalized research on what consumers feel and say about a brand, empowering them to understand the most efficient way to articulate its messages to its audience.





Merging technology and data (IQ) with emotional intelligence (EQ) allows us to identify effective audiences (Wizbits™), design personalized content and anticipate the precise moment when our messages will have most impact on potential clients.





The design of our platform for purchase of inventory eliminates intermediary costs between brands and advertisers—reflecting our commitment to offering our clients the greatest value possible, like a Trusted Partner. “If our clients win, we all win.”


Global Presence




Hugo Ollé

The Twinkey Company

With 16 years of experience in marketing, tech pioneer, lover of integration, and recipient of more than 20 international prizes (EFFIES, Best Pack, AEMI, FIP Awards...).

Additionally, Hugo has successfully collaborated with leading companies within his area of expertise, such as MC Marketing and Communications, Arena - Havas Media, and TheBlogTV.

He founded his first company, Cibeles Meeting, in Madrid in 2000, later selling it in 2005. Among the company’s most prominent products was the first online hiring platform in Spain.

In 2009, he launched Sostenibilidad sin Ataduras (Sustainability Unbound), the first company focused on sustainable architecture in Spain, dedicated to recycling ocean shipping containers.

In 2011, he co-founded Marnie Digital in Mexico, going on to expand to Miami and Argentina, boasting clients like Gatorade, BMW, L’Oreal, and Teletón.

In 2014, along with Pilar Cerda, he founded the TwinKey Company, ushering in a new era of digital agencies. At the company’s core is the implementation of a proprietary algorithm, based on audiences’ continuous changes in behavior.


COO & Founder

The Twinkey Company

Pilar is a pioneer of digital marketing and of the Audience-Driven Intel model. She was a key element in the launch of Televisa’s first digital platform “esmas.com" in Mexico. She participated as Sub-Director of Technological Development for the President of Mexico, developing various e-government initiatives. In 2014 she founded Twinkey with Hugo Ollé; the company specializes in digital transformation and marketing in Real Time. Currently, Pilar serves as the operative head of Aikiú where she ensures the development and the delivery of results for their clients through Intelligence of audience-based businesses.

Currently, Pilar serves as the operative head of Aikiú where she ensures the development and the delivery of results for clients through audience-based intelligence.


Andrés Navarro
Chief growth officer 

The Twinkey Company

With more than 23 years of experience in interactive marketing

He is a recognized leader in interactive marketing consulting, a multidisciplinary professional who has successfully completed digital transformation projects for major companies. In 2015, from his position at MEC (Group M), he led the media and communications strategy for the launch of AT&T Mexico.

His expertise includes project management of technological transformation and brand strategy initiatives. The prominent companies he has collaborated with include: MEC, OMG, IPG, Prodigy MSN, VISA, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Pepsi, Nokia, J&J, McDonald's, GM, Sears, P&G, and Unilever.